5 Reasons why winter diving in Gozo and Malta are awesome!

The sea life in Gozo and Malta during winter is awesome!

Naturally with fewer people and boats in the water during winter months, diving in the Maltese islands in winter can offer a closer look at the marine life that lives around the islands as it comes out of hiding and scuttles around the sea bed or swims overhead. As the water near the shore is warmer than the deeper waters, marine life that usually inhabits deeper areas comes closer to shore offering you a greater chance of seeing a turtle or if you’re really lucky a Blue Shark, this alone is a great reason to book a winter dive in Gozo and Malta.

It was THIS big! Winter offers a chance to see larger sea life around the Maltese islands

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Less crowds mean better underwater photography

Whilst diving in Gozo and Malta during summer is always fantastic, the islands do see a large influx of divers. This often means that getting a photo of the amazing topography or sea life without a host of divers in the background can be difficult. With far less divers in the water your underwater photography will naturally be a lot more photogenic!

A more personal diving experience when diving in winter in Gozo and Malta

As less divers visit the islands during winter months you’ll often discover that you’ll have a guide or instructor all to yourself when diving in Malta during winter. This allows you to not only gain a greater knowledge of the dive sites and the islands themselves but also means your dive guide or instructor can focus solely on you and your needs. Whether you prefer epic wreck diving in

Gozo in winter or you have a love of the insanely beautiful caves Comino has to offer, your guide or instructor will be able to focus on what you want to see or do, another great reason to go winter diving in Gozo and Malta.

Winter diving in Gozo offers a more personalized diving experience! Love wrecks? Then your dive guide will be able to focus on wrecks without worrying about the needs of a large group!

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The islands look very different in winter!

In the summer months the Maltese islands are arid and dry which offers its own unique beauty but in winter months the islands, particularly Gozo, become far more lush and green. The islands are naturally quieter too which makes the perfect setting for wonderfully laid back tours without the crowds and traffic of summer. You’ll also get to capture the islands in a way that many haven’t seen, perfect for that next viral instagram snap! So it’s not just winter diving in Gozo and Malta that’s awesome but the scenery too!

The weather is almost always good!

Ok, so we admit, winter here often doesn’t feel like winter at all. On average the Maltese islands get 300 days of sunshine a year and often 90% of winter is wall to wall sunshine which makes it a perfect destination for winter diving.

So what are you waiting for? Book your winter diving in Gozo and Malta with St Andrews Divers cove now!