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The dive sites in Gozo  are outstanding

There really aren’t too many dive destinations where you can be diving a wreck in the morning, diving a blue hole in the afternoon and completing your day with some night time cave diving but diving in Gozo really does have it all! From exploring the belly of MV Karwela to descending through the stunning archway within the blue hole we promise the diving in Gozo never gets boring!

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Dive sites in Gozo are close together

Whilst Gozo is a mere 67km2 the dive sites in Gozo really do provide divers with a vast array of choices when it comes to the type of diving they want to do. Because the island’s land mass is small, moving between each dive site is fast and easy and if the weather is rough in the north then rest assured the diving will be great in the south meaning there’s always a spot that’s sheltered! A perfect reason to book your diving trip to Gozo.

Jacques Cousteau voted Gozo in his Top 10 dive sites in the world

Yep, that’s right! The legend himself voted Gozo’s blue hole and inland sea in his top ten dive sites of all time and it’s easy to see why. When you dive Gozo’s blue hole you’re instantly immersed into a stunning aquatic world! Not only is it hypnotically beautiful with streaming beams of light that bathe those descending but just within the blue hole itself you can explore a large cave where slipper lobster can often be found and where large Conger eels hide away in the large dark crevices that line the cave. Then of course there’s Gozo’s inland sea! You enter into a crystal clear lagoon and exit through a long narrow cave that really is breathtaking! If the godfather  of all things Scuba diving loved it then you’ll love scuba diving in Gozo too!

Weather and visibility

300 Days of sunshine provide a comfortable climate for diving in Gozo pretty much year round! From an average of 30c in mid summer to daytime lows of just 16c in mid winter, you won’t be spending much time shivering post dive! What’s more as Gozo is mostly made up of solid rock, visibility is almost always excellent, averaging between 25 and 30 meters. The great visibility and stunning topography make for great underwater photography in Gozo.

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Credit: @2oceanaddiction

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with St Andrews divers cove today and book scuba diving in Gozo for an underwater adventure you’ll never forget!