Comino Caves – Għammieri – Comino - Gozodive
10-18M - BOAT DIVE
OW / 1st level divers*
AOW / 2nd level divers**
3rd level divers***

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Comino Caves – Comino – Location and General Information

This dive site is one of the most popular sites of the Maltese islands. It could be enjoyed by qualified divers of all levels, even those qualified to dive only to a depth of 12 metres. It consists of a system of interconnecting caverns that extend over 30 metres through the headland with the opportunity to surface in an open cave. It is extremely scenic and the photo opportunities are endless. Shafts open to the sky allow light to penetrate through the rocks giving that fantastic ‘God’s fingers’ effect. Going through the tunnels is not obligatory. Shoals of Bream, Bass and Salpa Salpa are often encountered and make the dive even more pleasurable.

Comino Caves – Comino – Access

The Comino caves are in an inlet on the north east of Comino Island, a 10 minute boat ride from Gozo’s Mgarr harbour and a 40 minute boat ride from Xlendi Bay. The St Andrew’s Divers Cove boat Divemania anchors on the white sandy bottom only 10 metres deep close to the caves, an area with no current at all. A shot line is used to facilitate ascent and descent.

Comino Caves – Comino – Dive

As divers descend the anchor line they are often met by shoals of Sea bass, Bream and Salema hoping to be fed. The water here is usually very clear, is only 10 metres deep and current is non-existent. This area is like a semi-circular swimming pool with a 60 metre diameter and also has a spectacular arch covered in Golden cup coral (parazoanthus axinellae) through a small shallow reef. The top of this reef is only 5 metres deep and therefore excellent for safety stop. Some divers prefer to explore this arch at the beginning of the dive while others leave it to the end.

Divers usually dive North West towards a large L shaped cavern never going deeper than 10 metres. About 20 metres in the cavern divers can surface in a spectacular open cave and often meet swimmers who visit Comino for the day. The cave is open and it is therefore safe to remove the regulator and have a chat. They then descend again and head east out of the cavern. The view of this cavern exit is spectacular and one that divers will remember forever.

As they exit the cavern, divers usually turn left and go through a Z shaped ‘window’ cut in a large rock. This is also very spectacular with red, orange and brown sponges and corallites on the walls and the clear blue waters beyond. Divers may then choose to drop a bit deeper as they slowly dive around this headland before heading back to the ‘pool area’ through the same cavern. The opportunities to take great photos are endless.

Before heading back to the boat’s anchor and reef to safety stop, there are other spectacular caverns to explore with overhangs and pass-throughs and more opportunities to take great pictures. Divers will almost certainly also see Saddled bream (Oblada melanura), Two-banded bream (Diplodus vulgaris) and Damsel fish (Chromis chromis) on this dive site.

The Comino caves is also a fantastic snorkelling and free diving site. The water is clear with no current and so many different species of fish to see. 2 of the caverns are open at sea level for swimmers and snorkelers to enjoy.

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