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Reqqa Point – Marsalforn – Gozo – Location and General Information

Reqqa Point is probably the most popular dive on Gozo’s north coast due to its spectacular underwater topography and abundance of marine life. It is a small pointed headland and lies directly beneath the village of Żebbug, west of the famous Xwejni salt pans. This dive site is susceptible to heavy seas from the prevailing North Westerly winds, but when it is possible to dive there, it has something for all levels of diver. A lovely reef buzzing with life, huge boulders, a submerged chimney or two, a vertical drop off and abundant marine life are some of the features that render this site one of Malta’s best dive sites.

Reqqa Point – Marsalforn – Gozo – Access

Access to this dive site is by shore. It is a 20 minute drive from our dive shop, crossing Gozo’s capital Victoria and through Marsalforn or the scenic village of Żebbug. Dive trucks are parked on the limestone shore just past the salt pans and divers walk a short distance over rocks down to the water’s edge to jump in and start the dive. Throughout the main summer season a ladder is installed to facilitate the exit.

Reqqa Point – Marsalforn – Gozo – Dive

Divers could start their dive either side of Ras ir-Reqqa. Reqqa reef drops to a depth of 17 metres westward underwater from the left side of Reqqa point. It is therefore shallow on the left hand side but deeper to the east where the reef is carved with numerous fissures, inlets and crevices and leads down to a sandy bottom at 25m. A spectacular chimney lies between 16 and 6 metres very close to the point of entry / exit.

Less qualified, less experienced divers or those wanting an easier, shallower dive could walk into the water on the left hand side and start their dive in 6 metres of water before venturing down the gentle slope to the reef top at 17 metres. Here they will savour the site’s biodiversity and the scenic steep Reqqa drop-off with larger and smaller species of fish hunting on and off the reef.

More experienced divers could start the dive on the right hand side and dive westward, descending gradually on the wall to 30 or 40 metres keeping the reef on the left hand side and following towards Reqqa reef. The reef drops rapidly to more than 60 metres. The wonderful view into the clear blue water mixed with the amazing diversity of the marine life of the northern coast is the main attraction of this part of the dive. Large Groupers, Dentex, Rays and hunting Barracudas are often seen here.

A not so well kept secret is the spectacular ‘Reqqa bottle’, a deep-sea chimney reserved for the more experienced divers. With an entrance at 58 metres and an exit at 35, this is an unforgettable experience for divers.

Divers dive anti clockwise towards the reef and start their climb over an area characterised by boulders the size of a house. The climb between the rocks is spectacular and here divers start searching for spiny lobsters, moray eels and colourful nudibranchs. Back on the top of the reef at an average depth of 15 metres there are often big shoals of Damselfish and Bogues (Boops Boops) in “skin-tight” swim formations, which shimmer in the sunlight like silver clouds. Divers then follow up to the shallow part of the reef to start their safety stop and dive on the wall round Reqqa point back to the entry /exit point. Some opt to visit the chimney there at the beginning of the dive and others go there towards the end.

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