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Diving the Blue Hole in Gozo is a truly unique experience that every diver simply must experience!

Diving the Blue Hole in Gozo is a truly unique experience that every diver simply must experience!

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Situated in Dwejra on the west coast, the Blue Hole in Gozo is Malta’s most famous dive site. It was voted ‘Best Dive’ of the Mediterranean on several occasions. The Blue Hole is a natural rock formation carved out over the centuries by wind and wave power. The Blue Hole is a sheltered entry /exit point for several different dives to different depths. It’s fair to say that diving the Blue Hole in Gozo is an unforgettable experience for all levels of divers. Even those only qualified to 18 metres can dive the Blue Hole in Gozo and it has actually become a better dive since the collapse of the Azure Window. The Blue Hole is also very popular with free divers.


Access to the Blue Hole in Gozo is from the shore, a 5 minute walk from the car park through an ancient quarry, a shallow valley bed and over some boulders. 2 sets of lightweight steps and a passage carved in the boulders make this trek easier. It can be somewhat challenging but diving the Blue Hole in Gozo is definitely worth the trek.  For more experienced divers there’s the opportunity to enter the water at the Inland Sea and head out through the spectacular tunnel passing by the collapsed Azure window and entering the blue hole through the archway.


Divers descend into the Blue Hole in Gozo from a shallow water shelf directly above the famous blue hole, many divers report how amazingly unique it is as you head off the shelf and stare down. You can then dive through the large rectangular archway which opens between 8 and 14 metres. The arch is covered in golden cup coral (parazoanthus axinellae) and is both spectacular and very photogenic.

Down in the corner of the Blue Hole there’s an incredibly majestic cave where Conger Eels can sometimes be found. The view out of the cave is otherworldly and frames the Blue Hole’s archway almost perfectly.

Exiting through the archway leads you out from Gozo’s Blue Hole towards the large boulders that once formed the majestic Azure Window with depths varying between 16 and 5 metres, a truly fantastic dive even for the less experienced divers. The same boulders are nicknamed the Azure Alps because of the way in which they drop steeply to beyond 50 metres on the North and West sides beyond the stem of the collapsed Azure Window.

There’s lots of exploring for the more advanced divers with a wonderful chimney that sits just offshore as well as Coral Cave which is a vast cavern where you can find Slipper Lobster resting on the ceiling.


The Blue hole in Gozo is by far one of our favourites and a favourite of many divers worldwide including the late Jacques Cousteau himself. The topography of the blue hole is otherworldly and definitely unique! Whilst the walk to the dive site can be somewhat testing, it is very much worth it! With so much to explore in one small area it surely has to be one of, if not the best dive site in Europe.

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