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Do you book accommodation?
Yes, we book hotels, self-catering apartments and farmhouses.
What is the minimum stay in accommodation?
We can book single nights at the hotels but apartments are a minimum booking of 3 – 4 nights. Some farmhouses can be booked for 3 – 4 nights but others are a minimum of a week.
Is linen provided in self-catering accommodation?
Sheets and towels provided (not beach towels) and changed weekly.
Is it necessary to arrive at the weekend?
Arrival / Departure any day of the week
What is the Electric?
Electricity 3 pin UK style 240 volts.
How far are the apartments from the dive shop?
Some apartments are literally in front of the dive shop, while others are up to 250m away.
If I book an apartment can I book meals?
Yes we can book breakfast, lunch and / or dinner at one of the hotels or in a restaurant near the apartments. We offer full board options for groups.
Can I dive with you if I stay somewhere else on the island?
Yes certainly, nowhere is more than a 20 minute drive away. We can often arrange a pick-up in the morning.
How do I book and pay?
Just send us an e mail with the number of people, exact dates and times of arrival / departure. To confirm the booking for hotel rooms, apartments or farmhouses we will ask for a deposit. You then pay the balance during your stay.
I am an experienced diver, will I be in a group with newly qualified divers?
Divers are grouped according to qualification / experience, so everyone gets the best dives for their level.
How often can I dive?
Accompanied dives (for qualified divers) meet at 08.45 and 13.00, (booking needed) so usually 2 dives a day.
How often do you do night dives?
We offer night dives on request of 2 or more divers.
I have never dived, what can I do?
We suggest starting with a beginner dive. This includes an introduction to the equipment, practise in shallow water and a dive up to 6 metres. This takes about 2 hours. Once you have enjoyed that you can look at doing a course to become a qualified diver.
How long does a diving course take?
Open Water Diver qualification courses take about 4 days. If time is limited you can do a Scuba Diver course which is 2 days and qualifies you to dive with an instructor to 12 metres and to go on to complete the Open Water Course.
What continuing education do you offer for qualified divers?
We offer PADI Advanced, Rescue, EFR and Divemaster plus a number of speciality diver courses.
Can I choose where I dive?
We select sites on the day according to wind / weather conditions, obviously we aim to take qualified divers to the best sites for their level. Beginner dives have to take place in a sheltered bay where they can walk in to the water. Blue Hole and the wrecks are only for suitably qualified divers.
Can I dive on a wreck?
The wrecks in Gozo are purpose sunk and only suitable for divers qualified to dive to 30 metres. We also regularly dive the shallow (18m) wreck (P31) at Comino (suitable for Open Water Divers), Rozi and P29 off the north of Malta. We offer other wrecks around Malta as special trips for suitably qualified divers.
How old do I have to be to dive?
Beginner dives are for age 10 upwards. Bubblemaker dives are offered for 8 and 9 year olds.
Do I need a doctor’s certificate?
It is always recommended, however we have medical statements that divers can complete and so long as you do not answer yes to any of the questions a doctor’s medical is not mandatory. However insurance companies are now asking that all divers over 70 years have a doctor’s medical.
How cold does the sea get?
Between January and March the sea is frequently 14 degrees.
What is the water temperature in the main season?
Surface temperature April, May 16-20 degrees; June 20-24 degrees; July, August, September, October 24-27 degrees; November 24-20 degrees. In September, October and November the water is warm even deeper.
Do you offer Nitrox?
Yes we have nitrox and also do Nitrox courses.
Do you cater for re-breathers?
Yes we do. Please contact us with your specific requirements
Do you have tanks with 2 pillar valves? What size tanks do you have? Steel or Aluminium? Din or Int?
We have 5, 10, 12 tall, 12 dumpy, 15, 18 litre tanks. They are STEEL, Din / Int and many have 2 pillar valves. We also have some 11.1 aluminium tanks
Do you rent out dry suits? How thick are your wet suits?
No we do not rent out dry suits. We have thinner wetsuits for the summer and 2 piece 5.5mm diamond neoprene suits for the colder months.
Can I dive with you if I stay on Malta?
For the 8.45 morning dive you will need to come to Gozo on the 7.30 ferry from Cirkewwa. We can often arrange a pick-up in the morning.
Do you book car hire?
Yes we book car hire in Gozo and from the airport or anywhere else in Malta.
Which side of the road is the driving?
Driving on the left
Do I need an international licence?
A standard European licence or an international licence is needed.
Are there any age restrictions for car rental?
Car hire for 25 – 70 year olds. Conditions and extra insurance for 21 – 25 years and over 70’s
Can I rent a car for half a day?
Car hire rates are per day (in summer minimum rental 3 days)
Are the cars fully insured?
Standard insurance is included, collision damage waiver is an optional extra.
Can all cars be used for diving?
Jeeps, pick-ups and a few older cars can be used with dive kit, taking tanks and wet dive kit in other cars will invalidate the insurance and possibly incur a fine. When you dive accompanied you are in the dive trucks so it is not a problem.
Can I rent a scooter or motorbike?
50 cc scooters can be rented by drivers aged 21 or more with a standard car licence. 125 cc scooters can be rented by drivers aged 25 or more who have a specific motorbike licence. Scooters and motorbikes take up to 2 people.
Is there bicycle rental?
Women’s, men’s and children’s mountain bikes can be rented and a few electric bikes. There are also guided tours with electric bikes.
Do the ferries work throughout the night?
Yes the ferries work at night even in winter.
How long is the ferry ride?
25 minutes
How often do the ferries run?
Daytime every 45 minutes, less frequent at night; ferries operate throughout the night: times according to season schedules can be checked on: http://www.gozochannel.com/en/schedules.htm
How much does a passenger ferry ticket cost?
Adults 4.65eur, reductions for children
Where in Malta is the ferry terminal?
CIRKEWWA, a 45 minute drive from the airport (1hr15min by bus). Bus X1 runs between the airport and the Cirkewwa ferry terminal.
Where in Gozo is the ferry terminal?
MGARR, Gozo’s main harbour, a 20 minute drive to our dive shop in Xlendi Bay. Going to Xlendi by bus requires a stop in Victoria and could take over an hour.
How big is Gozo?
14 x 7 km. Nowhere on Gozo is more than a 20 minute drive away. It is however a hilly island and day temperature in summer often soars to more than 30 degrees.
Is there anything else to visit on Gozo?
It is a very scenic, rural island with a mild climate, mostly rocky but also has some sandy beaches. Walking / Rambling and mountain biking are very popular especially in Autumn, Winter and Spring. Gozo has 14 quaint villages with scores of churches and chapels. Gozo’s most popular site is the Ggantija megalithic complex in Xaghra. This is the oldest temple and free standing structure in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gozo’s recently renovated medieval Citadel overlooks the capital Victoria and houses a Cathedral and several museums. Lovely views of the whole island could be enjoyed from the Citadel’s bastions.
Are there sandy beaches on Gozo?
Gozo has 3 small but beautiful sandy beaches. Ramla il-Hamra and San Blas (near Nadur) on the North Coast have reddish sand whilst Hondoq ir-Rummien (near Qala) overlooks Comino and the Blue Lagoon and has white sand.
Is there a Bus System on Gozo?
Yes Gozo has a good bus system. There is a bus to each village every hour. It takes less than half an hour to get to Victoria from anywhere on the island. Going from one village to another however, usually requires a stop in Victoria and often takes more than an hour.
What other adventure activities can I do on Gozo?
Walking; Mountain biking ; Electric bike tours; Segway tours; Quad tours; Climbing tours; Kayak tours, Boat tours, Self-drive boat rental; Jet bike rental; Paddle Board rental; Snorkelling, etc
What language is spoken on Gozo?
Maltese is the main language but everyone speaks English. At our dive shop we offer our services in a number of languages, French, Italian, German, Polish, Spanish…
How can I contact the dive shop?
By telephone on 0035621551301, mobile phone 0035699829733, by e-mail standrew1989@gmail.com
When is the dive shop open?
We are open every day of the year. November, December, January, February, March 8:30am – 1.30pm April 8 – 3pm May, June 8am – 4pm July, August, September 8 am till 5pm. October 8am – 4pm