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Paddleboards are a great way to explore the various caves, caverns and bays that surround Gozo.

Explore the sea on the surface

Just because you have to take a break from diving in Gozo doesn’t mean you have to take a break from our crystal clear sea!

Paddleboarding in Malta and Gozo has become extremely popular. Cheap to rent, lots of fun and not as hard as it looks, grabbing a paddleboard and heading out will allow you to explore the coastline intimately and see parts of the island that few people get to lay eyes on.

From the huge sea caves that’ll have you believing you’re Captain Jack Sparrow to the incredibly photogenic windows that litter Gozo’s coastline, grabbing a paddleboard and setting off on an adventure is guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear.

Paddleboards are a great way to explore the various caves, caverns and bays that surround Gozo.

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If paddling isn’t your thing then why not consider hiring a jetski or small boat? Here at St Andrews divers cove we can help you with any excursions in Gozo or Malta!

Be a foodie

Gozo has a great selection of restaurants with some jaw dropping views. In our home town of Xlendi alone there are a plethora of restaurants and if you’d like to bear witness to a world class sunset whilst sipping a glass of your favourite beverage then simply pull up a seat at the seafront in Xlendi, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Alternatively visit one of the many quaint piazzas in Victoria where you can find restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes.

Want a restaurant with a view? Then head to Ghajnsielem and make your way up the hill to either Country Terrace or Xerri Il Bukkett, both of which have outstanding views over Comino. Overall we have some great quality restaurants in Gozo so be sure to make use of them!

Gozo has a vast range of restaurants for all tastes and budgets so you’ll always find somewhere that serves the food you want with a dreamy view.

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Adventure by land

It’s fair to say that Gozo has some of the most outstanding scenic walks you could possibly imagine. With breathtaking cliff top views that are hugged by azure blue waters, it’s not hard to find a great walk that’ll have you itching to see what’s around the next corner.

One of our favourite Gozo walks is right on our doorstep! Simply head from our dive shop out towards the end of the bay and you’ll see the tower, you can follow the footpath and singletrack towards the tower and simply follow the coastline where you’ll be greeted with some of the best views Gozo has to offer.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous then head north towards Wied Il Mielah where you’ll find yourself in the true wilds of Gozo. You can either head deeper into nature by taking a left turn at the window or alternatively turn right and head towards Marsalforn passing Wied il Ghasri and the salt pans.

If hiking in Gozo isn’t your bag then why not consider renting one of many unique vehicles available on the island. From beach buggies to unique electric two seater cars, the options for having a great time, driving something unique and taking in the awesome sights are pretty endless.

There’s a vast array of vehicles for hire in Gozo so why not explore the island in a truly unique way?

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Don’t feel like driving? Then why not consider taking a jeep tour or bus tour around Gozo where a driver can inform you of the history and culture that relates to each unique site whilst you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Culture Vulture

Gozo’s culture and history is incredibly rich and also undeniably interesting! There’s a whole variety of unique places that are seriously worth a visit!

The Citadella in Gozo is one of the most prominent and iconic historical visitor centres in Malta. Built in 1500 BC (First fortifications) it’s the perfect place to spend the day taking in the unique sites and learning about the history. Inside the fortifications you’ll find an exceptional 3D projection that details the trials and tribulations of the island’s past as well as a natural history museum, an old prison museum, a museum of archeology and Gozo Cathedral. It can easily take a whole day to see all the Citadella has to offer so be sure to get there early!

Fancy something even more ancient? How about an Unesco world heritage site? Then head to Ggantija temples that date back to the Neolithic ages. The museum inside contains a whole host of ancient finds and both the museum and temples themselves are truly fascinating!

Other noteworthy cultural icons worth visiting include Ta Pinu church of miracles and Xewkija rotunda, the third largest rotunda in Europe that offers an unspoiled view over the entire island.

Of course if none of the above tickle your fancy then floating around in the sea on a lilo whilst sipping a cocktail is always an option.

We can help with any excursions or activities you may want to partake in alongside your diving so get in touch with us today!