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Exploring a whole new underwater world

From the moment you place your head under the water and take that first breath through your regulator you’ll be immersed in one of the most fascinating, bio diverse, unique worlds imaginable. Humanity knows more about the surface of the moon than the depths of the sea! You’re almost guaranteed to see something unique on each dive so if you have the spirit of adventure within you and enjoy unique experiences then rest assured you’ll love the underwater world!! Having a whole new unique world to explore is reason enough to slip on a wetsuit and learn to scuba dive.

The calm tepid waters make Malta the perfect place to learn to scuba dive

Source: SADC
Credit: D Barton

Learning to scuba dive isn’t as hard as you think!

Many people assume that when you learn to scuba dive you’ll spend months in a classroom learning all manner of complex equations before even getting in the water. Thankfully that isn’t true at all! Completing an Open water diving course in Malta takes a mere 3-4 days! You can complete the e-learning segment online and then simply enjoy 4-5 dives where you’ll carry out some simple safety exercises, once you complete those dives you’ll become a fully certified open water diver able to dive to 18 meters!! Obviously we encourage all divers to continue onwards and complete their advanced diving course which allows you to expand your knowledge,  partake in a further five adventure dives in varying conditions and dive to a depth of 40 meters. The dive courses are fun, educational and not at all like going to school (We promise)! What’s more, if you learn to scuba dive in Malta then you can expect warm calm waters with superb visibility making the experience even more enjoyable!

Scuba diving is non competitive  and you’ll make lots of friends

For those who don’t enjoy the competitive nature of most sports, scuba diving offers a superb non-competitive alternative. When you learn to scuba dive you’ll always be given a buddy and you’ll be expected to stay close together, look out for each other and help each other with everything from checking equipment to carrying tanks. Naturally once a dive is complete both you and your buddy will have lots to talk about too! This teamwork and sharing of a unique experience often leads to life long friendships and deep bonds being formed. You’ll also meet people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds! Another great reason to book your PADI open water course and learn to scuba dive.

Diving can improve health

Diving is a physical sport that requires a good level of basic health, but it’s also great for improving health and it’s low impact! Despite being weightless in the water you’ll burn anywhere between 400 and 700 calories per dive! To put that into perspective a person who weighs 60kg would have to carry out high impact exercise for an hour to burn just 400 calories! Naturally that doesn’t include the calories you’ll burn carrying equipment, walking to dive sites and so on. So if you’re looking to have fun, lose weight, get fit and explore a whole new world then book your open water diving course!

New life skills

When you learn to scuba dive you’ll pick up many skills that can be transferred and used in day to day life, the more often you dive, the more skills you’ll learn! One of the first skills you’ll pick up is how to stay calm under pressure which builds confidence and an ability to deal with a situation in a useful way. You’ll also learn to navigate using the natural world, what effect the weather plays and how to read it amongst many other transferable skills.

Why you should learn to dive in Gozo and Malta

Whilst learning to dive anywhere will enhance and enrich your life, Gozo and Malta are the perfect islands to begin your diving adventure. The weather is almost always sunny, the waters are calm and forgiving and visibility is almost always amazing. There are also many shallow beginner dives in Gozo and Malta that are truly breathtaking! Ok so we may be a little biased but if you choose to learn to dive in Gozo and Malta we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Learn to dive in Malta and you’ll get to experience amazing warm waters, unique sea life and mind blowing topography

Source: SADC
Credit: D Barton

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with St Andrews divers cove today and book scuba diving in Gozo for an underwater adventure you’ll never forget!